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Guitar player, singer and songwriter Marcel Ziul has dedicated the last ten years to live performances and recording his music in an effort to share his life experience of having grown up in constantly changing surroundings. A fluent speaker of three languages, Ziul writes English lyrics and accompanies himself on guitar.


Heavily influenced by the blues, soul and classic rock, Ziul’s music ranges from funky, guitar-driven pieces to acoustic ballads as well as heavier songs with a retro vibe.


The musician has made two releases through independent US Label Magnatune: The MZTRIO Live Studio Sessions in 2010, and The MZTRIO: First Takes in 2011. The former is the audio to a DVD of the same name recorded live at COMEP studios in São Paulo, Brazil in 2009, while the latter is an EP of songs also found in his DVD originally intended to be released as a full album and recorded at ALV Studios in Campinas, Brazil in 2008.

The artist released his third album, In a Minute in mid 2012. Songs from the record have received extensive Brazilian radio airplay, and the album was featured in numerous blogs, magazines and other media around the country and the world, including Rolling Stone Magazine and Guitar Player Magazine.


The Marcel Ziul Trio, or MZTRIO, has been Ziul’s main project for several years. Their intense energy on stage infuses life into even the mellowest moods. The trio flows between heavy and soft atmospheres seamlessly, and never tire, despite their relentless playing.


Besides performing their own material, which Ziul often describes as “mere pretexts for playing music”, the group also pays tribute to those who influenced them, often producing exciting combinations by citing passages from other artists in their own songs or flowing between different pieces of music unexpectedly and without hesitation.



The blues are the key






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While keeping in line with his bluesy roots and not straying far from his preferred power trio format, Marcel Ziul ventures out into new songwriting territory in his new album "In a Minute", the artist's third release and second full-length record.


Songs such as "All the Time" showcase Ziul's pop sensibility, while both "Learn to Fall" and "In a Minute", the title track, feature acoustic guitars. "Too Blind to See", a bit more experimental than the other tracks on the record, even has a bass solo.


Fans of his previous work will enjoy the guitar riffs and solos on "Afraid of Loving You", "How Long" and "Far Apart", all of which would perfectly fit into Ziul's previous albums.



All the Time

From “In a Minute”


From “The MZTRIO Live Studio Sessions”


From “The MZTRIO: First Takes”

Released June 20, 2012. Guitars and vocals - Marcel Ziul / Drums - Eduardo Longuim / Bass - Rodrigo Mantovani

Released July 1, 2010. Guitars and vocals - Marcel Ziul /Drums - Luis Capano / Bass - Eder Dias .

Released August 27, 2011, recorded in August 2008. Guitars and vocals - Marcel Ziul / Drums - Victor Marcellus / Bass - Eder Dias.


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Throughout his career, Marcel Ziul has played on and produced numerous recordings. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that he attempted to put together his first album. Without a solid band or an audience, he decided to put off his project until he was able to further develop his solo career.

After two years on the road with different musicians band members, Ziul produced a series of recordings in 2008 that later became “The MZTRIO: First Takes” EP. Since then he has recorded two albums, 2010’s “The MZTRIO Live Studio Sessions” and 2012’s “In a Minute”. gravou três discos.


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A collection of pictures taken at a few of our concerts

Special thanks to Rodrigo Torii for the pictures of our final concert at the Delta Blues Bar in Campinas, Brazil.


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